Patients Needing RX Refills

  • Only qualified patients may get refills.
  • Patients need to phone in their refill orders on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Refills need to be called in prior to seeing a doctor on clinic night also.
  • Office staff will be able to confirm if you have refills or not. Please have your medicine bottles close by so that you can tell them the name of your medicine or the RX ID number.
  • All medications can be picked up at the clinic during the day on Thursday between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm or at the night clinic between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

For Refills Only…

If you do not have refills and you don’t need to see the doctor, you will be put on a Refills Only list. Your re-order prescription will have to be approved by a medical doctor at Thursday night clinic. When you sign in at the front door tell them that you are here for Refills Only. Your chart will be pulled and the doctor will call you back to an examination room to confirm that the particular medication is still working well for you. He will approve or disprove the refill and send you to the pharmacy. This is usually a lot faster than having to wait to see a doctor for refills. NOTE: Please do not bring up medical issues at this time. This is a 5 minute visit to get a signature only. If you need to see a doctor due to a medical issue, you will need to make an appointment.